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Demetrius Eley

National/Global Director of Urban Affairs Demetrius Eley is a dedicated community leader with a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to making a positive impact. He is the co-founder of the nonprofit organization Daraja of Love Inc., alongside his wife, with headquarters in Newark, NJ, and an office in Akosombo, Ghana. Daraja of Love Inc. is dedicated to uplifting individuals and families on both local and international scales. Demetrius also serves as a Trainer for the BLEXIT foundation, a conservative nonprofit powered by Turning Point USA, where he advocates for conservative principles and values. His dedication to community service has been a hallmark of his career. With a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Bloomfield College and extensive experience working with children and families, Demetrius has made a significant impact in this field for over 25 years. His contributions extend to his role as the former youth director of First Corinthians Baptist Church and as a member of the East Orange Rotary Club, where he currently holds the position of President-elect. Demetrius Eley's passion for grassroots organizing and community service is further exemplified through his membership in Clifford Alford Lodge #165. He is not only a devoted father and husband but also a staunch Republican, dedicated to advancing conservative values. Demetrius has taken on the pivotal role of National/Global Director of Urban Affairs for Monica Brinson's presidential campaign, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to bringing about positive change and representing conservative ideals on a national and global scale.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Monica Brinson for President 2024.

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